Chowdah! Uh, New Orleans style.

Our latest eG Forums Cook Off is Chowder, which is usually regarded as a New England-style soup. Well, I can’t quite get that upcoming trip to New Orleans out of my head, so I decided to put an interesting twist onto a dish created there, Oysters Rockefeller, and turn it into a chowder, New England style. Yes, I’m a heretic, and I’ve managed to piss off both Northern and Southern US cultures with a single act, but bear with me for a moment:


You can forgive me, right?

Okay, it was good, darn good. Sinfully good. But clearly, I had to redeem myself, and return to more conventional thinking. So we made one of these for dinner:


One Response to Chowdah! Uh, New Orleans style.

  1. Lucy says:

    Jason, both of those dishes look absolutely divine. Kudos to you.

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