Remember the Zaurus

Computing Unplugged is running Part 2 of my article about the new PalmSource ALP embedded Linux successor to Palm OS. Here, I discuss lessons learned from the Sharp Zaurus and how PalmSource should endeavor not to repeat the same mistakes.

The Sharp Zaurus was a powerful Linux-based handheld computer which shared many similarities with the new ALP platform. Unfortnately, due to lousy marketing and bad management, the Zaurus failed in the US and European consumer electronics market. Its still sold in Japan, and you can buy one if you are willing to pay the grey-marketeers big bucks ($700-$1000) to bring one into the US.

Okay, enough technology. I’m getting really psyched for this New Orleans trip. How about a nice double cut Niman Ranch pork chop from Bayona?

Bayona Restaurant, New Orleans LA (2005) by you.

2 Responses to Remember the Zaurus

  1. MXH says:

    So I am assuming Bayona is up and running after Katrina. You and Rachel are my advance team I am heading down a few weeks after you guys.

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