The 2006 Torino Olympics Extreme Quiche Cam

So last night, my little corner of the NY/NJ metro area got hit with a massive snowstorm — I estimate that its close to two feet of snow, but I could be exaggerating. EDIT: Okay, maybe not!

So when you’re totally snowed in and there’s no way to leave home for some vittles, what do you do for food? Well, if you got some eggs and butter lying around, and some AP flour, and leftover meats and veggies, you make Quiche.

Yeah, yeah, I know that quiche is sissy food. But consider the following:

Extreme Quiche

See, quiche doesn’t have to be metrosexually inclined. It can be the stuff of sheer exhilaration, like zooming down an Alpine ski jump at 100MPH and flying through the air for over a hunded meters, and then landing squarely on your feet, twisting your skis, and having the snow fly as you brake to safety.

Okay, maybe quiche isn’t quite that exciting. But damn, there’s something about a butter pate brisee crust, combined with eggs, cheese, sauteed morsels of mushroom, salumi and heavy cream that gets my heart racing. Although, if you’re an olympic athlete in Torino, quiche lorraine is probably not a good idea, even if you made it with chopped up Italian salumi and Asiago cheese.

By the way, perhaps its just me, but does everyone hate these Corrupt European Assholes for disqualifying our top skeleton luge athlete for what amounts to using Rogaine, even though the entire International Olympic Commitee wants to see this guy play?

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